8 ways to prevent Diabetes is a powerful, should know as early as possible!

Diabetes is a disease that pretty much suffered in the motherland. Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2000, there are 8,426,000 people with diabetes in Indonesia. This number is predicted to grow to 21,257,000 inhabitants in the year 2030 future!

8 ways to prevent Diabetes is a powerful, should know as early as possible!

Of course, preventing is better than cure. The following are some of the things or habits that you know as early as possible and you should do as tips or how to prevent diabetes. Let's find out!

1. reduce consumption of sugar and carbohydrates

Not without reason diabetes is referred to as diabetes or diabetes. This is because foods high in sugar and carbohydrates can increase the risk of diabetes! These foods can raise blood sugar stimulates pancreas to produce insulin, the hormone that helps the sugar out of the bloodstream and into the cells of the body.

However, for people who are experiencing a phase of pre-diabetes, the body's cells resistant to insulin, so the sugar levels remain high. To compensate, the pancreas produces more insulin and attempting to lower blood sugar.

When drawn out, this condition can trigger the rise of type 2 diabetes, lho! Cut down on foods high in carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta and rice. Bijaklah also in consuming soda, candied fruit to cereal, biscuits.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise is good for your health. This also applies to prevent diabetes. Research in the Health Line page mentions that exercise can increase insulin sensitivity between 51-85 percent. We can try different types of workout, ranging from aerobics, high intensity interval workouts to exercise power.

Another study indicated that by burning more than 2,000 calories every week can maximize the performance of insulin in the body. As we know, diabetics are not capable of producing insulin as needed body. Whereas, without the insulin the body's cells are not able to absorb and metabolize glucose into energy.

3. replace sugary drinks with a mineral water

Pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine, so the saying goes. Yep, what the heck can not be done by the water? Mineral water also had a vital role in preventing diabetes, you know. Can't believe it?

A study involving 2,800 people are at risk of diabetes ever prove that those who consume more than two servings of sugary drinks increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 20 percent. Meanwhile, increasing water consumption can control blood sugar and improve response to insulin for the body. So drink more water, start from now!

4. Reduce weight provides a major influence

Weight turns out to contribute to the risk of diabetes. According to page Health Line, people affected by overweight and obesity have excess fat visceral, which is located in the central part of the body. This fat increase inflammation and insulin resistance, which can significantly increase the risk of diabetes.

Based on the study on 1,000 people, each down 1 pounds, the risk of diabetes was reduced by up to 16 percent. Meanwhile, according to Diabetes. co.uk page, lose 5 percent of their body weight and offset by regular exercise can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50 percent. It's good, right?

5. Quitting smoking decreases the risk of diabetes

Not accounting for how the number of diseases resulting from smoking. Diabetes is one of those. The evidence, research suggests that smoking increases the risk of diabetes by up to 44 per cent and surged to 61 percent if smoked more than 20 trunks in a day! Terrible, Yes?

Sure, you can quit from this bad habit. Research shows that after five years of quitting, the risk of developing diabetes was reduced by up to 13 percent. However, if you want to stop smoking, do it gradually. Since quitting smoking makes us do breakout on eating an excess of (overeating) and raise the risk of weight loss, according to the page Medical News Today.

6. Consuming foods high in vitamin D

You are what you eat. When eating, harianmu nutritional needs must be met. Including, the need for vitamin d. study showed that people who are not vitamin D would be sure, will magnify the risk of diabetes. At least, levels of vitamin D in the blood totalling at least 30 ng/ml.

Health Line call that page with enough vitamin D, minimize the risk of diabetes by up to 43 percent. Vitamin D makes the function of the cells that produce insulin increases, blood sugar levels became normal and diabetes risk is reduced significantly.

Foods rich in vitamin D include fish oil cod, salmon, sardines and tuna, eggs, soy milk, beef liver, mushroom, Oyster, shrimp, milk to soy products such as tofu and tempe. Many choices, right?

7. Did dietary keto

There are various types of diets in the world, but the diet of keto digadang-gadang were able to lower their risk of developing diabetes. FYI, this is done with a keto diet how to avoid excess sugar and carbohydrates, and replace it with foods that contain healthy fats and protein. Fat consumption increased to 60-70 per cent, while the intake of carbohydrates lowered so 5 percent only.

Sugar in carbohydrates triggers diabetes, then it is the right choice. Keto diets can maintain blood sugar levels and helps the body burn fat, according to the page Medical News Today.

8. Minimize the consumption of processed foods

There are already long processed foods associated with certain diseases. Among other things, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. The study, published in the pages of the Health Line shows that processed foods can increase the risk of developing diabetes by 30 percent. 

While, if we reduce food packaging that high vegetable, processed grains and additives can reduce the risk of diabetes. So, familiarize yourself to eat healthy foods, Yes! Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit as well. Healthy food, healthy you!

That's some tips or how to prevent diabetes that potent, in addition you shall know as early as possible before it is too late, let's do, yuk! You won't regret it!

Thank you for visiting this site and reading 8 ways to prevent Diabetes is a powerful, should know as early as possible!

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