8 Tips for people with Impaired Fasting Underwent gastric acid

Undergo fasting when stomach acid rise certainly is not fun, not only worship that disturbed however you feel uncomfortable to do daily activities. Therefore, do not get stomach acid makes you not ride at the maximum in the exercise of worship and activities. Here's how to prevent stomach acid rise when fasting.

8 Tips for people with Impaired Fasting Underwent gastric acid
8 Tips for people with Impaired Fasting Underwent gastric acid

Fasting tips when suffering from stomach acid rise

1. Be sure not to pass the time of Suhoor

Undergo fasting when stomach acid rise could be the source of the chaos of the day. To avoid this, you should eat when Suhoor. Skipping a meal could be aggravating Your stomach acid in the daytime, because an empty stomach for a day. Not only be a ' stock ' of fasting, food that goes into your stomach while Suhoor can also prevent stomach acid goes up to the throat.  

2. Immediately breaking when it's time

After not eating and drinking for approximately 12 hours, your stomach should be empty soon filled with food. Do not procrastinate to fill your belly fast. The stomach digests the food needed, so that the stomach acid that is produced can be directly used to break down the food in. ..

3. Eat slowly

One of the things to keep in mind when you undergo fasting when stomach acid rise is eating slowly. Just be hungry when breaking the fast, but don't follow Your passions for eating too heartily without chewed well. The food is not chewed properly, instead will trigger stomach acid increased. Therefore, eat slowly, savor your food, and you won't feel the pain due to stomach acid to rise.

4. Eat small portions

Consuming food in small portions but often is one of the keys to preventing the stomach acid to rise. Even though you feel very hungry when time did not come up, try not to eat too much in advance. Your stomach needs time to digest its food. When you eat a serving of many such as ' revenge ' even going to stimulate the rising of stomach acid.

So no matter when you eat Suhoor, we recommend eating small portions. So don't wake up too on a budget with time imsak, provide about three-two hours for Suhoor, so you also are not in a rush while eating your food.

5. don't sleep directly or rebahan after eating

Typically, drowsiness back comes as the time after the Suhoor. However you should avoid habits after the Suhoor directly back to the bed. Ideally you should wait about 3 hours after a meal when you go back to bed. This will prevent stomach acid suddenly up and mess up Your fasting.

6. avoid things that stimulate gastric acid rises

Not only regulates eating portion only, for those of you who have a history of stomach acid to rise, then choosing the right foods should also be done. Some foods will only stimulate gastric acid increases, namely:

Carbonated beverages, such as soda
Spicy food
High fatty foods, such as fried foods.
Caffeinated foods and drinks, chocolate, coffee, and tea
Citrus, such as various kinds of oranges
All these foods certainly you should avoid, whether it's a meal or when breaking the fast, because this will only trigger stomach acid goes up when you are fasting.

7. While sleeping, elevate your head
Try to elevate Your sleeping position about 15 cm higher than usual. Do not use multiple stacks of pillows, because it will only elevate the head only. The upper body should also be a bit raised, so your sleep position tends to ramps. This will prevent stomach acid to rise.

8. Wear loose clothing

You can also use a loose shirts to prevent the stomach acid to rise. This will reduce the pressure on the part of your stomach, so you don't have to worry anymore will experience heartburn or feel sore in the stomach. In addition, you should also not use belts, so that the stomach is not depressed.

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