6 Yoga Movements that make the elderly always healthy body and soul

Age is not a reason to abandon the routine exercise. For the elderly with the ability to move a more limited, gentle exercise such as yoga is very beneficial to the health of the body and can refresh the soul and mind. Yoga for seniors can also be done anywhere without the need for special equipment.

6 Yoga Movements that make the elderly always healthy body and soul
6 Yoga Movements that make the elderly always healthy body and soul

To obtain these benefits, the following optimal guidelines that need to be applied.

Preparation before doing yoga for seniors
Elderly health conditions are certainly different than those who are younger. There are a number of preparation that needs to be done before the elderly can lead a routine exercise. This aims to reduce the risk of injuries or other health problems relating to the limitation of motion of the body.

Preparations need to be made include:

Consider the health problems experienced by the elderly. Older people usually have problems with bones, high blood pressure, glaucoma, or arthritis. Start the yoga with light movement devoted to the elderly so as to form the basis of a precise position.
Anyone can do yoga, but it would be better if the elderly have experienced yoga instructor. Yoga instructor can help the elderly do types of yoga based on the condition of his health.
Learn about the capabilities of your body and do not make excessive sports movement. Avoid movements which increase the risk of sprains or even injury.
Range of movement and yoga poses for elderly

Yoga movements for the elderly is generally simpler and can be done while sitting or lying down. Here are a few examples:

1. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is helpful to maintain balance while standing and keep the feet stay healthy and strong because elderly posture begins to bend. Stand with the entire surface of the foot touching the base. Hold your stomach into your shoulders and back while keeping remains relaxed. Inhale as much as 5-8 times, and then embuskan through the nose.

2. tree Pose

Stand with erect, and lift one of your feet toward the inner thighs. Keep the height equal to the knee. Raise both your hands in position bersedekap, then breathe as much as 5-8 times.

You can use tools like the seat when it is not able to stand for a long time. This is a very nice pose for the elderly due to train balance and concentration.

3. triangle Pose

Yoga movement on this one handy to keep the flexibility of waist elderly. Stand with both feet and soles of the feet facing forward. Tilt your body towards the left with your left hand touching the bottom of the knee. Raise your right hand to firmly upwards. Repeat on the right side of the body.

4. Butterfly Pose/Cobbler pose

Butterfly yoga pose is helpful to Flex the knee and thigh muscles while simultaneously waging a digestive system the elderly. Sit with the body position is upright, then connect with the soles of the feet when You open your knee to the side. Put both your hands on both feet. Maintain this position for a few seconds.

5. Bird dog

Start with resting using both knees. Lift and align Your right arm forward while straightening left leg back. Hold your belly toward the inside.

Do for a few seconds, then repeat with the left hand and straighten your right leg. Repeat this pose as much as 5 times. This position is useful for strengthening the abdominal muscles and back part of the body

6. The Downward facing dog

This is the best yoga poses for maintaining flexibility and joint strength of the elderly. Start with both hands and resting on your knees while you straighten your toes forward. Then, lift the waist and back up to the body to form a triangle. Hold for 5-8 breath, and then lower your body slowly. Repeat twice.

After doing a series of movements of yoga for the elderly, end with relaxation while lying down. Pull-embuskan breath slowly and let the muscles of the body become relaxed again. Do the whole movement in the right way so that the body can obtain benefits.

Yoga movements performed on a regular basis will provide a myriad of health benefits for the elderly. That way, the elderly can enjoy old time without having to experience the pain and stiffness of muscle due to lack of physical activity.

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